Best Georgia Minority Business Grants

A Comprehensive Guide to Georgia Minority Business Grants

Georgia offers a variety of minority business grants and resources to support entrepreneurs from underrepresented groups. While the availability and criteria for these grants may change over time, here are some options to consider:

1. ACE

Access to Capital for Entrepreneurs (ACE): ACE is a Georgia-based non-profit organization that provides loans, coaching, and resources to underrepresented and women-owned businesses. They focus on assisting these communities with financial and development support. Visit their website for more information: ACE.

2. Georgia Department of Community Affairs

Georgia Small Business Credit Guarantee: This program, administered by the GA Department of Community Affairs, helps entrepreneurs secure loans by providing a guarantee for lenders. While not exclusively for disadvantaged companies, it can be helpful for those facing challenges in securing traditional financing. More information can be found here: Georgia Department of Community Affairs.

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Georgia Micro Enterprise Network (GMEN): GMEN is a non-profit organization dedicated to promoting entrepreneurial growth in The Peach State. They offer resources and assistance to minority entrepreneurs, including access to capital and training. Visit their website to learn more: GMEN.

4. Mentor Protégé Connection

Georgia Mentor Protégé Connection (MPC): MPC is a agency development program that connects established companies with emerging small ventures, including minority-owned ones. The program offers mentorship, guidance, and networking opportunities. Visit their website for more information: MPC.


Atlanta Minority Business Development Agency (MBDA) Business Center: The MBDA provides solopreneurs with access to capital, contracts, and markets. They also offer technical assistance, consulting, and training services. Visit their website for more information: MBDA.

6. Invest Atlanta

Invest Atlanta: Invest Atlanta is the city’s economic development authority, offering various programs and initiatives to support DBE’s, including loans, grants, and resources. Visit their website to learn more: Invest Atlanta.


Local Initiatives Support Corporation (LISC) Atlanta: LISC Atlanta supports community development initiatives, including minority-owned ventures. They provide financing, technical assistance, and other resources to help startups grow and succeed. Visit their website for more information: LISC.

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So, check out these grant and finance options and explore any new ones that might be out there. Additionally, check for local and state grants, as many states and cities have their own programs to support disadvantaged-owned companies.