Why You Should Praise Your Parents Every Day

parent and son

Someone once said that parents are the earthly incarnations of God. We probably grew up hearing our teachers say this a lot. Many of us might have taken it seriously, thinking that parents are Godlike figures, whom should be worshiped with prayers and offerings. This innocent reference had a devotional aspect that seems missing from the youth of today. But I’m here to say praise your parents every day.

Very few youngsters nowadays truly understand the importance of parental bonds. Parents, too, have become lackadaisical in coaching the values of life into their children. Either they’re too busy with work or they do not care. Similarly, young, tech-savvy children also have become vastly ignorant to the importance of these figures in their lives.

If we rewind our life’s earliest years, we will find that we do not remember much besides the loving memories with our parents. While reminiscing on those golden days, we will understand where we have been lacking in our present life. Many questions will arise in our mind like:

“Do I still care for my parents as I should?”

“Have I proven to be a good son or daughter?”

“Have I taken my parent’s support for granted?”

This introspection is very important, as it will enable us to understand this crucial relationship better.

Parents brought us into the world; they created us. In that sense, they truly are the incarnations of God on earth, as only God has the ability to create. And we are the ultimate creation of the Almighty. Once this epiphany strikes our mind, we will be able to realize that our parents have a much bigger role in our life than what we had conceived.

Our relationship with our parents is more important than our relationship with others. People will come and go, but our parents will stand by our side in every walk of life. It doesn’t mean, however, that we should not treat other relationships well. Every relationship is important in life, but parental relationships are paramount. And all the more reason to–you guessed it, praise your parents!

Throughout our life, our parents do everything for our happiness. They educate and take care of our needs, and some even tolerate our tantrums. No one can take their place. They created us and they know that we are their most cherished jewels. Children should never lose sight of this no matter how successful they may become in life.

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