Why Procrastination Is Absolutely Destroying You


Procrastination is one of the biggest evils in our lives so we need to end procrastination. We are often confronted with situations where we develop a lackadaisical attitude towards a particular task. And this doesn’t only happen when we are working on day-to-day things, some people slack while working on major things too. I’m sure you’re asking yourself a couple of questions:

  • Why is procrastination destroying me?

Procrastination makes us look silly and not responsible. When we have committed to something and don’t follow through we get frustrated and so are others–going further down the rabbit hole. But there is hope in knowing this obstacle is more of a mental and psychological block than a physiological shortcoming, and it could certainly be overcome with the right attitude.

Folks that dawdle have a bad habit of shifting blame for their lack of timely follow through. Whenever a person blames a situation for ruining their productivity, it is a clear indication that he is refusing to realize his own faults. So one of answers to why is procrastination destroying me and how can I end procrastination in my life questions, can be summed up by the following statement:

It is much easier to get things done once we acknowledge and accept our part in any deficiencies we have.

Idle behavior comes from many different factors. Another cause and reason why procrastination is destroying us is other people. Most people are influenced by their family members or social circles. These external factors often contribute a great deal to this unwanted behavior.

What is it that really makes a person procrastinate? Here’s a hint: procrastinators are not incapable people. Most of the time, people who procrastinate are brilliant and creative individuals who are just going through a temporary block. Bringing motivation and encouragement to the forefront of our lives will end procrastination. Each new day will be approached with renewed zeal and vigor.

  • How can I end procrastination in my life?

It may seem like those that always wait until tomorrow to get things done will never escape the trap of this negative trait. But they can. When we think of the times in life when we were not this way, we got things done, and we felt better about it. What were we doing? Who were we with? What motivated us? If you did it before, you can do it again.

Sparkpush understands the importance of motivation for procrastinators very well. Therefore, we have made a conscious effort to help people to get rid of their temporary setback with the help of some awesome procrastination books. Together, wasting time will be a thing of the past.

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