Why Online Dating Doesn’t Work

Retro online dating

The feeling you get when you meet someone for the first time, engage in a great conversation, or share a laugh cannot be duplicated on the internet. That sensation in your stomach is real, and online dating is not. Technology does help us to be more productive, but it doesn’t belong in the dating world.

Online dating is like playing your favorite game on your laptop or phone. Sure you play chess with someone all the way in China, or bowl against others in Italy, but when you get to say, “Checkmate,” or give a teammate a high five after you bowled a strike that’s totally different.

So how do you meet Mr. or Mrs. Right if we’re taking online dating out of the mix? It starts by doing things outside of the norm. Stretch yourself out of your comfort zone of the doing the same things you always do. Break out of your regular, neat little box and explore your neighborhood, your city, your world. No matter if it is large or small, your block has a ton of things to explore and experience.

Within that new exploration you will find people you have something in common with. And guess what? Some of them will be of the opposite sex. You can carry on a conversation, a real one, with just about anyone at any time. When you’re out discovering places you’ll soon find out that there are others doing the exact same. You can watch their mannerisms, tone, body language, eyes, smell, feel, and more!

Your most dependable barometer: your gut feeling, will be fully active now. Know instantly if this is someone you may want to spend more time getting to know. Trust me, get out of those four walls, and let the real world enter. Dating like “back in the day” will give you more fun times than any online site or app could ever hope to.

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