Why Blaming The Person In The Mirror Generates Massive Results


Why Blaming The Person In The Mirror Generates Massive ResultsBlaming others never works. Taking stock for every area of your life leads to growth and development. These two character traits alone are needed for any steps toward goal achievement you are likely to experience. Sure it’s easy for us to blame everyone under sun: a parent, a lover, a friend, a teacher, a friend, a job, etc. But both you and I know this is not so.

Try it with anything  and be shocked at the weight lifted off of your shoulders when we except full responsibility for shortcomings in our lives. At work Monday take ownership of an oversight or outright mistake that you made. It shows leadership. Granted mistakes in the workplace shouldn’t and must be limited in scope, however your manager can fully trust someone that is willing to take responsibility.

Stop blaming a lover or spouse for everything that is going or went wrong in your relationship. Look back at your mirror before you leave out today and say to yourself, “No, I will not shift blame, I will take ownership of everything that I am responsible for.” Take this opportunity (because that’s what it is) to grow by leaps and bounds. Do it for yourself to change, improve and move on with your life and create the best person possible.

The new you that will begin to take shape, will impress you. You are the most important person on this journey called life. When you turn the focus back on yourself (where it belongs) you take control of your life. Soon you will realize that you can design it any way you’d like, and that’s better for you, your family, your friends, and everyone else.

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