What To Think About At 25, 35, And 45


What To Think About At 25, 35, And 45
Naturally, it is only after having celebrated my forty-fifth birthday that I was able to write this article. Nothing could be worse than someone belting out advice they have not experienced firsthand. And rather than finger pointing and preaching, I’ll simply share with you what can make life easier. Does this sound like a plan? OK, let’s plan your future today!


All night parties may not happen as often as they did just a few years ago, but don’t sent the DJ packing just yet. Yes, you need to prepare for the rest of your life, and yes you need to get your affairs in order, but come on! If you don’t make a way for fun now, chances are pretty good there won’t be an after party later.

Your twenties are all about you! Exploration, learning, do’s and don’ts. Take notes and journal so that you may be able to refer back to, and determine for yourself, what is best for you. Your twenties should be filled with good times, good friends, and exploring the world.

I do however have a word of caution with regard to social media. Everything you post to the “cloud” is not limited to you and your followers only. It’s readily available to educators, employers, law enforcement, and more. This Warren Buffet quote sums it up best,

“It takes 20 years to build a reputation and five minutes to ruin it. If you think about that, you’ll do things differently.”


Once the music has died down it’s time to get down to business—literally. If you haven’t landed your dream job just yet, plan to at least be gainfully employed within the industry you have been educated for. With things changing so frequently in the marketplace now, this is definitely not a hard-and-fast rule. You may even consider doing your own thing.

Settling down can be such an unplanned thing, but put yourself in more situations whereby this can happen. The best candidates are actively looking for life-long mates at this age and you don’t want to end up with Mr. Sourpuss.

Another key goal to achieve in your thirties is protecting your credit. Showing lenders that you are financially responsible is uber important and will dictate so many future decisions.


The next ten years will go by quickly—think high school reunions if you disagree. Protecting your family, career and investments happen during your forties. If you have managed to do things in order, you can happily reflect on the other side of your life. Yes, if you live an average life span you are well on the other side at this point.

Not to worry though if you’re anywhere in your forties. Think about it like this: You have had an entire life that you have lived, and if you’re lucky you will have an entire new life to live. Increase those investments, give back to your community continue to grow your business or earn those promotions, or even revisit some dreams.

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