Top 8 Dating Tips: Women

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You’ve read what you should and shouldn’t do while dating from all your women’s magazines. And you’ve chimed in on what all your girlfriends say you should do while getting to know a new guy, but the following top 8 dating tips for women are crucial:

  1. Leaving your overnight bag at his place. Yes, if things have been going smoothly for a few months, well of course, some essentials are be best left at his house. On the other hand, if you’ve been dating for just two weeks, taking over one of his drawers and leaving your toothbrush and loofah behind is overstepping boundaries.
  2. Inviting yourself over. If he’s really interested you’ll be welcomed back I promise. To prevent from appearing desperate though, don’t be aggressive on this point. If it’s “been awhile” and you just have to be with someone tonight, call and talk to your mother until the feeling subsides. You’ll be glad you did.
  3. Always thank him for the date. It shows class, and says, “Hey I really enjoyed our time together.” Failing to do so can stop things dead in their tracks.
  4. Too many text messages. To communicate a couple of times during the day is great and required. However, if you try to have entire conversations with your thumbs and emoji lineup, that’s too much.
  5. Showing any signs of a bad attitude. I went out with a perfect 10, and the experience was mediocre. Every time we encountered waitstaff that evening her demeanor would turn ugly. It was completely unnecessary, and showed how unattractive she actually was. A better option is to keep smiling and saying, “Thank you” and “Please”.
  6. Not maintaining a clean house. A man’s thought on an untidy home: If she can’t keep her house clean, how can she take care of a future family?
  7. Take things slowly and have fun! You’re just dating and getting to know one another. Don’t try to rush him to the alter in thirty days. Enjoy the moment. If you have enough in common, and the physical attraction is there, things will advance naturally.
  8. Don’t be the judge and jury, and compare your new boyfriend to someone from years gone by. It is a new day, you’re a different person, and this guy is not your last guy.
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