Top 8 Dating Tips: Men

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I take my hat off to the gentleman reading this article. Why? Because you want to make an impression and present your best self. Dating is difficult and has its share of pitfalls, but remember to have fun, be yourself, and follow these top 8 dating tips for men.

  1. Do not talk about your ex in any way, shape, or form. A woman is a princess, and she needs to know that she is the only one on your mind. Bringing up yesterday’s news is rarely a good idea, and if you find yourself doing so it clearly means you are not over your last partner. Take yourself out of the dating pool, and use this time to look inward and improve on you.
  2. Trying to have sex too quickly. This should be obvious, but just in case we’re stating it loud and clear. Let the fantasy of moving to the next step in dating develop in her mind first. The physical experience is only as good as the mental one, so take it slower with both for the best results.
  3. Don’t be creepy. Nobody likes a stalker and being interrogated right out of the gate is too much. It shows a lack of trust on your part in more ways than one. If you don’t trust and let things happen naturally, how can she do the same? When the time comes everything you need to know will be revealed.
  4. Missing any basic grooming or etiquette steps unacceptable. Have clean finger nails, teeth, fresh breath, clean shirt, clean shaven, etc. Your date needs to see you at your best, and to know that you’re giving it your all. Anything less will be a deal breaker for 99.9% of the women out there. Another tip that can’t be overlooked is picking up the check when it arrives. Don’t argue, just pay.
  5. Confidence is good, but bragging is not. Boasting while getting to know someone shows bad taste. People that showboat and toot their own horn are superficial, ignorant, and not confident. These are not qualities your date is looking for.
  6. A trashed car is an easy way to ensure no additional dinner dates will come your way. Keep your vehicle clean and all the warning lights serviced. If you have a brand new ride terrific, but if you drive an older car that’s cool too. Just make sure it’s in tip-top shape and looking the best it can. Nothing is worse than not being able to open your date’s door, or having junk fall out when you do.
  7. Keep your eyes on her always. No side way stares at the buxom brunette whom you thought just looked your way. Don’t do it. She will catch you, and it will be game over.
  8. Know where you are headed for the evening. Nothing irritates a woman faster than not having a plan or being late. Under no circumstances should she arrive for the date before you. Likewise, if you’re picking her up from her place, be on time.
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