This Steve Jobs Advice Will Change Your Life

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This Steve Jobs Advice Will Change Your LifeSteve Jobs—innovator, genius, and shrewd businessman had a roller coaster life and career. Unlike most people, Jobs has seen the zenith and the nadir —the pinnacle and very bottom of success. He has had tremendous impact on pop culture and the way information is shared, with consumers clamoring for his extremely popular Apple inventions. The following Steve Jobs advice can turn your life around.

One of the greatest entrepreneurs of all times, he has been acknowledged by the following awards: National Medal of Technology and Innovation, Grammy Trustees Award, PGA Vanguard Award, and more. No one can put it better than the master himself,

“People with passion can change the world for the better.”

Passion meant everything to Mr. Jobs. He dedicated his life to building his cherished company, Apple. According to him, “If you aren’t doing your job with passion, you are wasting your time.” Steve defined quality as a human being, businessman, visionary, and innovator. He focused on the big picture at every juncture of his life, and put things into perspective. Without vision, there is very little one can do to change the world he believed.

Goals, ambitions, dreams, and ideas—everything requires vision. The man behind Apple believed in creating new connections, and building relationships with creative and intelligent people. Building these relationships helped him garner knowledge, gain perspective and experience. He also traveled to Asia, learned calligraphy and met interesting people that helped shape his personality and career.

You can’t have a hundred dreams. That makes you the proverbial jack-of-all-trades. Find a niche, focus on a few things, and work towards a streamlined goal. Concentrate on one goal, and do a great job at it. Diversifying does not always work. While working smart is the new name for success in corporate circles, working hard is still the key to achieving one’s dreams and goals.

Give it your best shot and your dream will take care of itself. Steve Jobs was a hard worker. In fact, he was known to be a hard taskmaster striving for 18 hours at a stretch to get a design just perfect. If you love something, give it all you’ve got.

The passing of Steven Paul Jobs was a blow to Apple and a major setback to the tech industry. He was a visionary, creating the most amazing gadgets, devices, and cutting edge concepts to be introduced. His success story, like other successful people, stuck to the basic tenets: passion, hard work, dedication.

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