Stop Texting And Start Talking To Improve Your Relationship

couples texting

Relationships form an integral part of our lives. Human beings have a natural propensity towards affection, love and emotional intelligence. This makes us unique as we are constantly aware of the impact of our relationship with others. However, this is not true for everyone.

Most of us find difficulty in understanding the needs of our relationships with others. This bond could be with our parents, siblings, friends or partners. Each of these unions has its own set of values. As a matter of fact, following these ideals will help avoid drama. Many people complain about the failures of their relationships by shifting blame.

However, very few people are willing to accept their shortcomings in a failed relationship. The ones who do are more likely to get over their situation. It is said that good communication is the biggest factor in a healthy relationship, yet many do practice this. Implementing this simple ideal in our lives easy. What is more surprising is the fact that despite the availability of modern technology aids in communication, couples still don’t get it. For the most part there is no quality communication happening.

The bane of all this gadgetry is that it has somehow eradicated the charm of daily face-to-face conversations with your partner. You have become increasingly reliant on your Smartphone to interact with your partner. But a simple candlelight dinner would be remembered for a long time. This problem is even more prevalent among youngsters who refuse to get out of their wired cocoon. The youngsters don’t care about the risk.

Yes tech is convenient, frequently allowing us to be more productive. But in the long run, some things are best done personally. How does that sound? Personally. What does it mean to you? Can you share what you are feeling in the pit of stomach to your girlfriend with digital characters and emojis? To say things get lost in translation is an understatement. But we try nonetheless.

All things considered, grabbing a lover’s hand and squeezing as you take a walk together, or giving her a bear hug that sweeps her off her feet is incomparable. Couples should move away from text messaging, and move toward real intimacy. It starts with a live conversation as well as putting your phone down for a moment or two.

In addition, don’t let the latest toys fool you. These mobile devices only exist to create revenue for major corporations. They certainly don’t care about the poor shape of your relationship, not to mention their product may be the root cause of it all. Get unstuck and do things the old fashioned way. Text messaging can’t console you adequately when you are troubled. And texting can’t give you butterflies in your gut when you’re face to face with someone. In fact, only human contact can pull that off. In summary, talking improves relationships.

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