Save A Fortune On Life Lessons


Save A Fortune On Life LessonsJim Rohn, one of the most influential speakers ever, said there’s information for whatever you want to do or change in your life within the pages of a book. I know we all think we’re special, but I’m willing to bet the idea, issue, or (fill in the blank) that you have or been going through has already been experienced or done by someone else. At the very least, a version of it. Life lessons are better when someone else pays the price.

This is in no way to trivialize or minimize your experience good or bad. I’m just stating a fact. You can continue struggling through whatever, or you can do a little homework like Mr. Rohn suggest. Write down what you want to accomplish, and build a library with that goal in mind.

Trying to figure out X,Y, and Z on your own is a very expensive proposition. It will cost you time, money, and resources. A far more streamlined, and effective way is to search and qualify the top experts in whatever subject you are interested in and purchase a book by that person. In fact purchase up to five books as Darren Hardy, another well-known motivational guru, suggests.

Devour and learn every lesson completely from each book, but do so only one book at a time. If you are not mastering Lesson #1 how can you apply or learn from lesson #2? Discipline yourself to continue these steps over and over.

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