Our Smartphones Are Making Us Anything But

Smartphones are making us dumb

The advent of modern technology was supposed to make life better for us humans. It has done its role to an extent, but it has transformed us into lifeless machines, waiting to be updated every two weeks. The anti-tech argument has been made many times over by doctors and other experts, and yet the debate continues.

Yes, smartphones simplify our daily lives as we perform tasks at home or work. And it is hard to image life before without them, but there was such a time. It seems as if tech is dictating to us what to do and how to do it, and not the other way around. Unfortunately, things are getting progressively worse as we continue the addiction with these gadgets.

Regular news stories chronicle the unfortunate loss of life due to the use of mobile phones while behind the wheel. Distracted driving alone is reason enough to scream, “Enough!” But the sheer vanity of society to record and update ever single activity we find ourselves doing has proven too much to ignore. It is reducing attention spans across the board, and wreaking havoc on relationships too.

But this doesn’t stop manufacturers from churning out the latest gizmo to do this, that, and the other when most people don’t utilize all the features of their current phone. Does that make any sense? People are busy competing with each other to show off their new toy–no matter how short its life span. No longer do we prefer face-to-face conversations. We hide behind emojis instead.

Flat screen TV’s have replaced old school television sets, computers have replaced typewriters, IPad’s have replaced books, and smart phones have replaced them all. No longer do we live for the moment and look forward to a date in the future. We just record and share it–not experiencing a thing.

Growing up you couldn’t catch my brother and me in the house unless it was raining. We played baseball, football, basketball, rode our bikes, or just chased one another around all afternoon. We got tackled in the grass–losing our breath for a moment, and we counted down the clock as time ran out in our imaginary game in front of thousands of fans.

Today’s youth favor playing some kid online a thousand miles away to risking another scar on the knee. Pointing at it years from now and saying, “Remember when I was chasing you…?” And what do mom and dad have to say about all this? Sorry, it will be hard to get their attention right now, they’re updating their social status on their smartphone.

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