Michael Jordan Can Make You Better


Michael Jordan Can Make You BetterAir Jordan is a legendary basketball player, perhaps the most famous in the world for his talent, pursuit of excellence, and positive attitude. He played basketball for the Chicago Bulls and took the team to dizzying heights. The Ex-Bulls star has a burning passion for sports and competition, having taken up golf after basketball and excelling at that as well.

Today, he runs his own coaching center, nurturing young talent. So, what makes Jordan a winner? Michael says he is never afraid to ask anybody for help. He seeks direction at every stage of his life. His greatest motivation is his family. A winning attitude is to dream big, but get a reality check every once in a while so you are not headed for disaster. If you are humble, you will have more people guiding you, and guidance is always good.

An important step in achieving one’s goals is to be focused on it. He implores people to keep their eye firmly on their target, without worrying about the consequences of failing—as people are often daunted by failure, or being embarrassed, or looking bad. Not Mike, if he sets out to do something, he does it. According to Jordan, fear is an illusion. His advice to those crippled by fear of failure?

“Think positive, and find fuel in failure.”

Obstacles are real, and they are always going to meet you at every corner. There are a million reasons for not paying the price. MJ believes that a person passionate about their goals will find ways to surmount obstacles. Stick to your plan to get where you have to and take a few detours if you must, but achieve your milestone. He believes road blocks build character, making you stronger, smarter, wiser, and propelling you forward if you have the courage to face them.

Mr. Jordan also believes that in order to motivate yourself and others, you have to lead by example. He places emphasis on sticking to convictions. If you are going to encourage someone to build a career or usher them toward their dream with discipline, focus, and dedication, you will have to illustrate that by your actions. A true leader has to stand up for what he or she believes in, perform when it matters, and be a role model who knows what it is like to meet and overcome obstacles.

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