Make Your New Business Stand Out From The Pack


“Can you FedEx this package before 5:00?” That question will be asked many times this week. Why do we ask the question like that instead of simply asking, “Can you ship this package before 5:00?” Least you forget we are merely shipping a package, and FedEx is just one of several shipping services. The answer can be found in successful business branding.

Branding is a name, term, symbol, or other trait that differentiates one company’s products or services from another. It’s what creates a loyal following and uniqueness from one’s competitors. To help ensure your company’s consistent growth, a successful branding strategy will be required.

  1. What is Your Company’s Purpose?

A clear mission statement defining what you hope to achieve five, ten, or fifty years from now is the first step. If you know exactly where you want to take your venture you have a better chance of getting there. In addition to being a foundation for branding, a mission statement is a fantastic way to build your company’s internal culture as well.

  1. The Use of Press Releases

Press release companies like PR Log are great for getting your news out. Even better is cutting expenses and the overall cost involved because it is free to use. The catch: a PR Log ad must accompany the body of your press release. Third party ads fighting for our attention aren’t as bothersome as they were in the past, so go ahead and share your news with the press.

  1. Become The Authority in Your Industry Through Speaking.

A captive audience is the best audience. They don’t view your speech as a thirty second commercial disruption during the big game—they just came to hear you speak. Most times you have been edified long before you take the stage, creating a sense of authority and respect for you to step right into. Never presented a speech before an audience? No problem, training for your big day can be had at your local Toast Master’s location for a nominal fee.

  1. Social Media Campaign.

An effective Facebook and Twitter presence will not only connect you with your clients on a mutual level, it helps spread your company’s brand exponentially. Your company gets the rare opportunity of crossing over from being merely a product or service, into the private life of your customers. With billions of users between them, this is a good place to be.

  1. Provide a Great Product or Service.

It seems like a no-brainer, but consistently caring for your customers will grow your brand faster than any method. Also, getting a new customer is much more expensive than keeping an old one happy—so keep them smiling. Following these tips, creates a win-win situation for you and your customers. Who knows, you may one day become the “FedEx” of your industry.