Life Hack: How Mark Zuckerberg Beat The Naysayers

Mark Zuckerberg smiling in car

Mark Zuckerberg, the world’s youngest billionaire, has a fairytale story that has inspired millions to believe in themselves. His Facebook creation has motivated others to take a shot at something new, and do their own thing. The social media giant has revolutionized the way people communicate, and will be here to stay.

As hackneyed as it sounds, self-confidence will see you through any situation. Believe in yourself, have the courage to trust your judgment in the face of adversity, and you are at the brink of success. If you have an idea about what you love, go for it! Let your desire to do something good motivate you to new heights. Do you think for one second Facebook was created without a crap load of hard work and ridiculous work hours?

Mark Zuckerberg believes that perfection kills innovation. If you are looking to do something, just do it. Waiting to perfect an idea or an action will get you nowhere. Make a beginning and forge ahead from there. According to Mark, mistakes are bound to happen–learn from them like he did and move ahead. He is extremely committed to this philosophy having the following added to Facebook’s walls: “Done is better than perfect.”

Mark Zuckerberg was often in a position where everyone around him was skeptical and at times, steadfastly against his ideas. Mark silenced them with the revenue his ideas generated for Facebook. He is a man of action, believing in his ideas and betting on them, even when his closest people expressed doubts because of the risk.

Every man or woman who has overcome obstacles to make it big has one thing in common: passion. This burning desire keeps the dream alive, motivating you to do better, push the borders, find new doors to break through, improve, innovate, and create.

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