Keep Your New Year’s Resolution Regardless Of The Month


Growing up my mother always said, “Anything worth having you must work for.” Significant change only happens with hard work and a certain amount of time. If you have an objective or new year’s resolution that you would like to reach, it is most likely a thinly disguised bad habit that you’ve been trying to break. That routine didn’t happen overnight–it developed over many months and even years. But not to worry, a transformation into the new you is possible by following these steps.

#1 One resolution or goal at a time.

It’s good to want to change every shortcoming in your life immediately, but focusing all you have on just one major goal may garner the result you’ve been looking for. If your mind is concentrating on just one thing, it has a better chance of getting it done.

#2 Two is Better Than One

Get someone in your corner to hold you accountable. Waking up early to hit the gym is easier to do with a friend. He can be the pain in the neck that motivates you. If they continue to support and encourage you you’re lucky. Helping you to improve your health will be worth the little time lost on sleep.

#3 Create a realistic time frame for completion

As stated above, bad habits take awhile to take root. Give yourself time to change them. You’ll need to prepare yourself mentally—and quite possibly physically too—for a new you. If it takes you the entire twelve months to get just one resolution marked off your list, you’ve done better than 92% of those out there.

#4 Missteps will happen

I don’t like the word mistake—it sounds too permanent. Life is forgiving and if you find yourself off track with regards to an objective, don’t worry you’ll get back on your feet! If you have fallen off the proverbial horse, hop back on and keep ridin’.

#5 Reward yourself when the results start to happen

If you smoke two packs of cigarettes a day and have made a resolution to stop, give yourself a pat on the back when you get down to one. Heck, if you’re now down to one and a half packs a day you’ve made forward progress. Your ultimate goal is still in front of you and you’re still pursuing it, but don’t forget to smell the roses today. Change is a process and it takes time, but if you focus on just one or two at a time you’ll be more successful.

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