Job Interview Tips – 8 Reasons You Did Not Get Hired


didnt-get-the-jobTo say the job marketplace is extremely competitive should be common knowledge and not need repeating, but we will say so anyway. It’s tough out there as a job applicant! This article–eight reasons you did not get hired–will not apply to you if you heed the advice below. Our job interview tips starts by addressing hygiene.

  1. Your breath, body odor, or perfume/cologne was too strong. Strength is good in the gym or if you’re helping your buddy move, but strong odors given off by you are never good when you are looking for work. Make certain that you have plenty of breath mints, use deodorant, and skip the fancy fragrances.
  2. You were late. This is a simple one to get right, but for some reason folks keep doing it. Put yourself in the job interviewer’s shoes. If you have to get through fifty job applications, and twenty-five of those applicants were late, who would you hire? Or better yet, not hire? Don’t volunteer to cut the work load of the person interviewing you by being tardy.
  3. Resume errors. Spell check is good, and it can catch several embarrassing typographical-errors, but without a thorough proofreading of your resume you are as good as toast. If you were responsible for ensuring that your sales team hit ninety percent of its monthly quota, but your resume actually says, “insure” the hiring manager may not believe that you will be able to do either.
  4. You missed an opportunity to impress the gatekeeper. But how can their opinion have any weight on how you will perform? Fair question. The answer is: Everything. In fact, if you can’t get along with everyone in the office, chances are you will not get the job.
  5. You didn’t ask for the job. If your resume is flawless, you have the experience required, and you presented yourself in the best light possible, but you failed to ask for the position–you might as well have skipped the interview altogether.
  6. Your resume is bad. This is in no way a direct reflection on you. Writing about our accomplishments and job skills is not easy to do, not to mention doing so without error. Ask a friend who has a lot of experience writing great resumes if they will assist you.
  7. You didn’t dress the part. Sagging pants that show your boxers are still a fashion statement (unfortunately), but this look will not get you hired. Guys: If it is sold at Banana Republic or it has Dockers on the label you’re probably good. Ladies: If the dress can be worn at church go with that one.
  8. You lied on your resume. Remove it, and never do that again.
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