How To Save Money Moving



It may seem like you’re saving money when you rent a moving truck and decide to do it yourself, but maybe not. In actuality anytime you go to your nearest truck rental facility, purchase their insurance, and enlist the help of family and friends you have started the meter running—and your final tab will be high. Professional movers well, they move every day. You and I—not so much. Learning how to save money moving is easy–just keep reading below.

Can we manage moving the bedroom set, living room set, dining room, set, boxes, etc. sure, but how long will it take us and what damage will we most likely cause? Professional moving companies come to your  house with dollies, hand trucks, carts, pads, tools, and even boxes! No need to touch anything and just direct the crew where to place things in your new place.

You can review their references, or search social media to pick the one that meets your needs. Your buddy and his friends will take longer, waste time, and subject your furniture to scratches, tears, or even worse. Another con to doing the move yourself: Moving is physically taxing. What happens if during the middle of your move your guys are maxed out, or someone gets injured? Who’s going to drive the truck? Did you refill the tank, did you pack the truck correctly, and will you remember where you placed the screws to your bed?

Today’s competitive market lends itself to bargains. With new moving companies and mobile apps popping up all the time, consumers have more choices than ever to select a mover that fits within their budget. Even Craigslist can provide moving options that will most likely turn out better than if you took on this task by yourself.

As with any service business however, do check references, verify insurance, and get multiple quotes to make sure you are receiving the best value for your money. Your time is money and just because you may or may not need to pay your friends for their help, you are still exerting your own effort, cash, and other resources.

So when you get ready to move the next time your lease comes up for renewal, make certain you evaluate all these options. I’m certain you will agree that hiring a professional mover is a no brainer, and you’ll walk away with more cash in your pockets.

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