How To Catch A Cheater – 10 Damn Good Ways

spot a cheater

This is a difficult time in your life. You have been tormented about your significant other and just want the truth. The purpose of this list is to show you how to catch a cheater, so that you can make the best decision regarding your future.

  1. Your gut tells you so. The feeling we get in the pit of our stomachs is correct most times. We may try to ignore it and wish it weren’t so, but your mind is trying to get through to the heart and that’s a very difficult battle.
  2. Her schedule changes and she’s hanging out with new friends or co-workers. If your lady goes from being home every night of the week to exploring every hangout spot in town, that’s more than a sign. No one parties alone.
  3. Sex stops. If he or she is not interested in maintaining a physical relationship, no matter what’s going on with you both, head for the door. Any excuse they give for not wanting to do so is just that, an excuse. Sex is one way we define our relationships, and if we’re not having it that’s not good.
  4. He’s quick to start an argument and shift blame. This is an easy way to spot a cheater. When you’re being less than honest, it’s hard to look in the mirror and tell yourself it’s your fault. It’s much easier (and feels better) to blame your partner for any and everything.
  5. Eye contact is limited. The eyes really are the gateway to the soul. If I don’t look directly at you for extended periods of time my secret, and cheating, is safe.
  6. Checking her phone is outlawed. If you have to ask to go through their phone things have gotten pretty bad, but just because it is doesn’t mean she can’t grant this simple request. If she balks for any reason at all, it’s a wrap! Trust me on this one.
  7. They become unreachable but have a ton of excuses why. From “My phone was on vibrate” or “I had no reception,” to “It was on airplane mode” or “Completing an update,” they’re all alibis. It’s up to you on whether you will continue to except his BS.
  8. Her whereabouts now lack specifics. Women are very detail oriented, so it’s easier to catch them cheating. Anytime they start stuttering when you ask them a direct question or they make general statements like, “I was just talking to someone,” you have just spotted a cheater–and the “someone” is the new person she’s seeing.
  9. The way they dress changes. If your sweetheart starts wearing clothes that you’ve never scene or changing their style slightly, this is a warning. We are who we are and when we start something new, we change and become different people.
  10. Straight to the shower they go. If your significant other has never immediately showered when arriving home from work, or being out, this is perhaps the biggest red flag of all. Bodily fluids, scents, and secrets all need to be washed down the drain.
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