How To Be A Good Friend


There are many aspects to being a great friend. People involved in meaningful friendships are supportive of each other, and forge an everlasting bond. This connection is defined by the attitude and behavior of the two people involved. Even small gestures of benevolence and selflessness can play important roles in assuring your comrades that you care for them.

A stable companionship is defined by mutual trust, understanding and faith. A positive attitude and disposition is the glue that holds things together. Negativity, lack of trust and apathy lead only to the wide chasms of despair and disgust. Think about the great friends that you are fortunate to have in your corner. When things are difficult in your life don’t they motivate you to get through it?

Understanding the core value of friendship is crucial for strengthening these alliances. Friendship is a multi-faceted aspect of our ties with others, and its needs and aspirations differ from individual to individual. Men interact differently with women and vice versa. This is a well-documented aspect of human psychology.

Besides that, difference in age and social status may also cause a disparity in a friendship. People who belong to different age groups have specific parameters of interacting with others and making friends with them. Similarly, people from different social and ethnic backgrounds also interact differently. However, true friendship is defined as one that has no social, ethnic or gender restrictions.

These factors are, of course, important, but they must not define the way we judge other human beings. We can develop an everlasting tie with a person who is younger than we are. We can hang out with a person who may not belong to same financial or social background as ours. Similarly, we can confide in a person who belongs to a different gender if we develop the ethics of treating everybody as equal. Judging by these aforementioned examples, it is safe to assert that friendship is much more than a relationship; it is the definition of humanity itself.

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