How Siblings Affect Our Adult Lives


Out of all relationships, our bond with our siblings is often the most misunderstood. In every family, parents usually have trouble raising multiple children of different age groups together. This especially happens if the kids are of the opposite sex or a sibling rivalry is present. Boys are different from girls, and each one has his own personality. But how does this impact us later in life?

A boy might feel that his sister is getting all the attention from parents and vice versa. This is a common problem in every household. Parents should ask and address some questions like:

“Do our children have a good understanding of each other?”

“Do they respect and trust each other?”

“How do they feel toward each other?”

Keeping a close eye on siblings is mandatory, as it determines how they’re going to look up to each other when they’re grown. Siblings whom often fought and maintained a distance from each other during childhood usually grow up the same way. Their opinion of one another does not change, and in some cases, intensifies.

Parents have to step up in such situations and counsel their children to develop a mutual understanding and acceptance of others. Mom and dad should start doing this at a very young age, so that their children can grow together as friends. They must also understand that child behavior differs vastly from their perception. What’s right and wrong in a child’s mind is not always simple.

Parents and teachers should not miss this opportunity to teach their kids to treat their siblings equally. In fact, they themselves should treat their children impartially. Many parents have the habit of favoring one child over another–never a good thing. If your son is able to score higher grades in school than your daughter, it does not mean that you should leave her discouraged. She undoubtedly has other talents that should be praised.

Child psychologists come across this problem frequently. Parents often admit that they are unable to stop themselves from comparing their children. Even the society compels them to do that. In such cases parents need to look deep into their souls, and think of the times when they were kids. Once they’re able to do this soul searching, they’ll be able to understand the relationship between their own children (and the relationship the siblings share) in a much better manner.

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