Conquer Procrastination With These 5 Essential Books

The Willpower Instinct
The Willpower Instinct

How does "The Willpower Instinct" end procrastination? Because the will to do something starts with the mind and is executed with the body. Ending procrastination can be accomplished by anyone, and author Kelly McGonigal shares the differences that can lead to an improved physical, mental, and emotional state.

Self-Discipline in 10 days
Self Discipline In 10 Days

Nike says, "Just Do It!" But how do people end procrastination for good? With "Self-Discipline in 10 Days," readers will go from dreaming, thinking, and planning to doing! You will quickly start to turn your ideas into actions and achievements. Take your first step toward self-discipline and better time management today.

Eat That Frog!
Eat That Frog

"Eat That Frog!" (more than 450,000 copies sold) provides the 21 most effective methods to conquer procrastination and accomplish more. A new revised version of Brian Tracy's awesome procrastination book includes brand new information on how to stop putting things off.

Procrastination: Why You Do It, What to Do About It Now
Procrastination Why You Do it What To Do About It Now

The book "Procrastination" identifies the reasons some put off tasks: fear of failure, success, control, separation, and attachment. The authors offer a practical, tested program to end procrastination by achieving set goals, managing time, enlisting support, and handling stress. Writers Jane Burka and Lenora Yueneven also provide tips on living and working with other procrastinators.

The Art of Procrastination
The Art of Procrastination

This is not a book for Bill Gates, Hillary Clinton, or Steven Spielberg. Clearly these high achievers have no trouble getting stuff done. For the great majority of others, though, that may not be the case. It may sound counter intuitive, but according to philosopher John Perry, you can accomplish a lot by putting things off. He calls it "structured procrastination."

Procrastination gets the best of some people at one point or another, but it doesn’t have to. These five procrastination books will get readers off their backsides and moving toward life goals. Armed with classics like “Eat That Frog” by Brian Tracy, and newer favorites like “Self-Discipline in 10 days” by Theodore Bryant, postponing anything in life will now be a thing of the past.