African-American Books That Tell A Rich History

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The History of African American Culture

The history of African American heritage harks back to the early 16th century. These early days are shrouded with violence and racism. During those times, America was majorly involved in illicit slave trading. This atrocity continued for hundreds of years, even after the formation of the United Sates.

People of color were looked down as inferior by their Caucasian counterparts. This dark period of racial castigation continued until the late 1950’s when Black leaders helped champion the fight for equality. Since then, many influential Afro American leaders, writers and philosophers have contributed to the growth of this beautiful culture in America.

African American Books

Racial and ethnic torment had stirred the conscious of several enlightened blacks, and many of them chose to use literature as a veritable medium for voicing their opinions. Moving forward into the 21st Century, a period of equality and cultural globalism, African American literature has grown stronger, brighter and more diverse.

Pioneering authors such as W.E.B. DuBois, a maverick, Harvard Graduate and civil rights activist and Lorraine Hansberry, writer of the hugely influential book A Raisin in the Sun were instrumental in stirring the collective consciousness of the African American paradigm. These are only two of the many influential names that require several pages worth of accolades and respect.

In reading some of these African American books, an individual will experience themes of remorse, struggle, racism, ethnic bias and triumph. They are surely going to touch your hearts and inspire your minds, no matter what your ethnicity.

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