A New You Is Possible If You’re Honest


Every day we meet new challenges and hurdles in life whether it is at work or somewhere else. Life’s entire essence hides in its trials and joys. Two sides but just one coin. Naturally, we experience happiness when we’re able to meet life’s test, and we experience agony when we come up short. Which side of that silver dollar do you live on, and what part did you play in getting there?

Despite any bad luck you have experienced, whether temporary or long term, know that the purpose of our existence is not to struggle. To stress and fret over situations that we can completely change is foolish. Besides maintaining this negative direction will most likely not net you much of anything. Make a list of what you can change, who can help you, and how it will benefit you and those in your life.

The glass is always half full no matter what is happening. Can you say that you have always viewed life in that regard? Has a cynical attitude ever stopped you from achieving a goal or task? Breakout of your normal behavior and don’t allow yourself to tread the same paths over and over. Yes, it is time for the brutal truth. When we face our shortcomings and faults directly magic is quite often the result.

Life is challenging indeed, but it is not without fun at the end of the rainbow. Force yourself to start something different this week: read a new book, start a new hobby, revamp your resume or outline what’s needed to start a business. Don’t let yourself become the caged bird that no longer sings. Free yourself today!

Unshackling yourself from doubt, anger, and fear is what our time here is all about—our true essence. No matter who you are or where you are in life, take responsibility for all the times you fail short, and carve out that new trail. There is no gun to your head that forces you to live someone else’s life—an unfulfilled one. In summary, the path to self-discovery begins with your decision for change right now.

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