7 Essentials Every Man Must Have

man in suit

Ok guys here’s the skinny: the following essentials for men are mandatory. If you have them great, if you haven’t gotten there just yet no worries. It all begins with A: this list, and B: your obvious desire to check these things off of it. Enjoy!

  1. A business and casual watch for any occasion. If you find yourself sporting the same watch daily and it’s band is wearing thin, it’s time for a new one. Just like a nice timepiece, every man must own a tailored suit. Not an outfit that has been purchased off the rack, but bespoke threads custom fit for you.
  2. A clean and maintenance-free car. Getting in and out of a fresh ride just feels good. You walk with confidence, and feel better about yourself. To go along with that sparkle, is ensuring all your vehicle’s scheduled maintenance is up to date. Nothing is more embarrassing than a bright red warning light that your girlfriend can see.
  3. Cash in the bank. Being the richest guy in the room is not necessary, but you will stand taller knowing you have money in your account that keeps you in the black. Never let the stress of living beyond your means show on your face, attitude, or body language.
  4. A library of personal development books. You don’t have to be a fan of Tony Robins (although this is not a bad idea), but you should be an advocate of constant improvement. If you’re not growing you’re dying. Your girlfriend wants to see you at your best. Be the man you both want you to be.
  5. A stamped passport. The best way to stay interesting is to have intriguing stories to tell. There is no place better to get those experiences than with world travel. If your current finances don’t support this, no worries. Becoming an expert on local or regional destinations will prove enlightening enough.
  6. An active gym membership or regular exercise routine. Staying fit is smart and attractive to the opposite sex. So go workout today.
  7. Learning how to cook a meal or two not only makes guys more appealing to women, it will save you money too. Don’t worry, the man apron is completely optional.
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