5 Ways To Get Over A Broken Heart


  1. Talk to friends you haven’t spoken to in awhile

Healing a broken heart takes time and help from those closest to you. Real friends will always be friends no matter what the circumstances. During this time or any other difficult time in your life, they remain steadfast at your side. If they aren’t around when trouble comes your way…you know the rest.

Dial their number. They have been waiting to hear from you, and they will forgive you for being MIA. Take the responsibility of life off of your shoulders for awhile. Share what’s been going on or don’t share, but connect with them. During these conversations you will talk about better times, what’s new and exciting in their lives, and best yet, what the future can look like for you both.

  1. Force yourself to get out of the house.

Sticking around on the couch all day is no way to move forward. Keep inching along mentally and physically. You will have a chance to see and talk to other people. Your mind will get a break. Your heart will get a break.

Don’t call your ex, instead drive a different route while you’re out and an about. Visit a new store, talk to different people, and create new experiences. Yes, it will take time to meet someone that you will begin to share intimate space with, but you can’t begin that countdown until you leave the comfort of your four walls.

  1. When you start thinking about the person immediately change your thoughts to something else.

Do you want to wallow forever in this or do you want to move forward—toward a better and happier you? Music is a powerful tool that can work as well. Think of better times in your life: the year, the season, the month. Dive into this music and it will bring a smile to your face instantly.

Comedy. This one just makes good sense. Beyond the chemical effects that comedy has on us, it leaves us feeling good. Smile for no reason at all! Take care of business. Do something that you have been putting off for a minute. You don’t have to get the entire task (if it’s larger) done today. But you can move toward that goal right now, by doing or planning something that gets the ball rolling.

  1. Make a list of things that make you feel better about yourself.

Write. Write. Write. Get out of your head and away from your feelings, and get those thoughts onto paper. Decide when and where you want to experience these feelings again when it makes you feel better. Yes, you will have days when everything seems possible and others when it seems as though nothing can be done. By writing down what does work, you’ll be able to add more days to your “feel better column”.

  1. Join a group or meetup

Sharing your good or bad experiences with friends and family can be a good thing. Sometimes however those closest to us have ulterior motives—they just want what’s best for us so the words of wisdom that they share may or may not align with what we need at this time.

A group of strangers that are going through what you are going through will not judge you. They don’t know you, so how can they? You guys can share what has been working, what makes things challenging, and it may even allow you to bond in a way that last longer than your sixty minute session.

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