5 Things You Must Do If You’re Not Married By 35


For most of us we only get a chance to be single once. So before you take those wedding vows, here are five things that you must do if you’re not married by 35.

  1. Travel

Do an African excursion in the Congo, a trek east to the Great Wall of China, or catch a wave down under in Australia. Getting your passport ready for an adventure is a surefire way to spend your single days. Not enough funds in your account for world travel? I guarantee that hitting the highway for a road trip somewhere you’ve never been will more than compensate.

2. Learn a new language

Nearly everyone has at one point in their lives wanted to be bilingual. What better time to explore and follow through with this goal than now? No kids yet, you’ve earned a promotion, and you have some stability in your life, so go for it. Join a conversation group, or better still travel to the country where that language is spoken. In no time at all you’ll be speaking the native dialect you have been fantasizing about fluently.

3. Start a business

In addition to increasing your income and chasing a dream you may have had tucked away for some time, you will learn several new skills along the way. Becoming an entrepreneur will teach how to become flexible, resilient, sell, manage, network, communicate, and more. These are all awesome skill sets that can also be utilized later in life.

4. Mentor someone

When I mentored in South Central Los Angeles the experience was awe-inspiring and gave me more than what I thought I was giving my mentee. The youngsters of today need our time and attention now more than they ever have in history. Distraction and domination for our time has dropped our attention spans to historic lows—8 seconds. If humanitarian activities are not your cup of tea spend more time with your nieces and nephews, or your best friend’s kids.

5. Take up a new hobby

Learn how to fly, ride a motorcycle, ski, hike, scuba dive, blog, play chess, cook, act, sing, write, yoga, or something else you’ve thought of trying. “Great list but how do I begin?” you ask. YouTube—now learning practically anything is possible.

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