3 Tricks To Improve Your Future Now

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3 Tricks To Improve Your Future Now

  1. Number one on our list of 3 tricks to improve your future is simple: Change your circle of friends. You may have heard it before: we are the sum total of our friends and those we work with. If you love your family and friends like most folks, but not wild about what they are doing with regard to (blank), it is time to introduce other options. If you want to learn to speak Swahili and none of your friends or colleagues has lived in Africa, well you may need to rub elbows with someone from Africa. Or better yet travel there!

If you want to increase your bank account, and you and all of your friends have maxed their credit cards and have little to no investments, then it’s time to change that group. It’s okay that you don’t know a millionaire personally. You can join any networking group in your town, attend a seminar where the guest speaker has achieved measurable financial success, or as mentioned below: read.

Warning: making changes that directly impact and improve your future changes your life. This is a fact. Your life cannot remain the same that it is today. You will begin to make changes. That’s a good—no that’s a great thing! Be warned however that some in your clique will not like the new you.

  1. Make a decision to improve your life. Once the commitment has been made that you are sick and tired of this, that or the other, you’ll have the motivation to achieve or change whatever it is your want. The fact you haven’t yet at this point does not matter. You have come to grips with it and you are going to follow through this time. No more excuses. I done with that and the new me begins right this second.

If that means forcing yourself to get out of bed an hour earlier, starting your investment plan, new business, ending a stagnant relationship, getting healthier, or something else, you will do it. Don’t get overwhelmed by the entirety of your to-do-list. Just choose one or two and begin. The universe will match your efforts with awesome results.

  1. Motivational speaker Jim Rohn said if you want to experience life change, “You gotta read.” It begins with the words, and ends with that author’s experiences and learned expertise. Reading shortens your learning curve dramatically. Saving time, now that’s a noble idea isn’t it?
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